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PTE Answer Short Question Tips – In this article, we posted top tips and things to remember for solving answer short question in the exam. Here are PTE answer short question tips that you would remember if you want to score well –

PTE Answer Short Question Tips

1. Answer in a word or two – The answer to the question you hear will likely require one or two words only. Don’t answer the question in a sentence. Just say the answer and that’s it.

2. Keep focused and be ready to answer – There may be a very large number of questions one after another. So treat each question like it’s a new beginning or it’s a new section that is beginning on its own. We see a lot of students, what they can do is that they will be very enthusiastic and very ready to go for the first three questions. But after five questions, they get tired in mid-way and lose their focus. So don’t let that happen. Each question is a new question and so be ready for the next one with a fresh mind. Keep this in your mind that this is the simplest question type that you have in the exam. So that is a good opportunity to score well here.

3. Don’t Panic – Don’t worry and don’t think negative. you will be asked questions based on the general daily routine topics. You will not be required to have any specialized information or knowledge to answer the question. So most of the questions are on general topics (general knowledge and general awareness) which you most already know the answers. But what happens when you panic because of the time and exam pressure. When you panic, then you tend to make mistakes and tends to forget even the things you already knew. For example, which is the last month of the year or which month is the eleventh month of the year? Everybody knows the simple answers but sometimes students panic and they start counting one – January, two – February, three – March and you are running out of time. So don’t panic and always keep focused.

4. Listen carefully – Listen carefully to question word (e.g., who, what, where, why, when, how). These will give you clues as to what kind of answer is expected. For example, the answer to a who question will involve a person, a when question will involve a timeframe, a why question will need a reason, a where the question will involve a location, and so on.

5. There wouldn’t be any tone – In other speaking questions, all of you hear a tone which indicates that now it’s your turn to speak that the microphone is open and you should start speaking now. But for this question, because of short answer questions, there wouldn’t be any tone. Just when the question finishes, the microphone will open up. So always be ready and keep your mind focused.

Short Answer Questions In PTE Exam


6. You can correct yourself if you have made a mistake – During your response if you say something incorrect, then you can quickly correct it and give the correct answer because that’s what you will be scored on. For example, if the question was ” Which month was the 12th month of the year”? So if you first say “November”, then you quickly correct it and say “December”.

7. Pause Issue – You have to keep in mind that you don’t pause for too long / don’t stay stuck for too long, otherwise either your microphone will close or either you will get very poor marks.

8. If you’re unsure, guess – You only get to hear the question once, listen to the keywords in the question. If you are unsure of the answer, just guess because there is no negative marking and you may just get lucky.

9. Practice – For lots of answers short questions practice and vocabulary building exercises check out PTE Answer Short Questions Practice.

10. It is the test of your Listening and Speaking abilities – It is the question in the speaking section but if you score well, you will get credit for your Listening also. When we say listening, we obviously mean the ability to listen and to understand that you are able to listen to a text and you are able to identify most important words or points. In the Speaking, we mean that you can speak in the way that others understand. You know what is important and how to convey it.

Improving your speaking and listening ability is an ongoing thing. So what you have to keep in mind is that you put some efforts every day when you listening to the news or picking up the newspaper or when you hear people speaking. In your mind try to understand, guess, ask yourself “If I am able to understand what they are saying or is I am able to understand what news is about or can I identify the main areas in this particular article”. So daily practice is really very important.

So keep all of these things in mind and we are very sure you will do very well in this question type.


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  • Ana Maria Travalloni

    HI. Thanks for the tips. I have an important doubt about the Änswer Short Question Can I repeat the word(the answe) more than one time? or I lost points if I repeat? Thanks Ana