PTE Academic Reorder Paragraphs Tips, Guidelines & Logical Structure

First of all, let’s start with PTE Academic Reorder Paragraphs Logical Structure –

PTE Academic Reorder Paragraphs Tips, Guidelines & Logical Structure

Logical Structure – Just make sure when you read something, try to find out linkage and try to find out the logical structure. For example – Whenever we just write an article, we start with the definition, then purposes, then the types, advantages, disadvantages, and at the end conclusion or any future prediction and any result of that particular thing. In PTE, the same sequence is followed.

PTE Academic Reorder Paragraphs Tips, Guidelines & Logical Structure


1. – Just translate paragraphs into your native language.

2. – Try to find out connectors – With by using connectors, by finding simple connectors, linking words you can easily re-order these paragraphs.

3. – If you don’t know the meaning of words, don’t just stuck there. Don’t try to find out the meaning of words, just read out the whole paragraph.

4. – If the vocabulary is very difficult, don’t just try to find out the meaning of difficult words.

5. – Read all sentences once again.

6. – Do find out the meaning of easy words and then just try to re-order paragraph.

In case, if you don’t know anything related to these paragraphs – suppose then just don’t sit on that paragraph for more than 5-6 minutes. Just spent 2-3 minutes and move on to the next question. Don’t waste your time if you are not able to re-order them properly.

PTE Reading Tips For Reorder Paragraphs

Important – 

One important thing is whenever the word “THE” is written with anything, it is always followed by the name of that particular assembly or something if we have written “AN Assembly”, that can be first. The word “A” and “AN” can be first without debate “An Assembly did this”. Whenever they said “The Assembly”, this will always be followed by the name of the assembly or an assembly. So technically these are some basics features of paragraphs and this is how you can easily re-order them.

PTE Reading Reorder Paragraph Samples

So in short – Look for the connectors and look for the linking words just we have said “this particular law, this law, that law, in addition, furthermore”, these types of connectors should be looked out. Based on these connectors you can re-arrange the paragraphs. Spend just 2-3 minutes on one sentence, don’t just stay or stuck on one paragraph. Try to re-order it and move to the next question. Try to translate in your own native language. This is again very important because when we translate the whole paragraph in our language, it doesn’t matter if we know the meaning of something or not. Just translate in your language and it will give you an idea that how we can re-arrange them.