PTE Academic Listening & Speaking ReTell Lecture Emergency Guidelines

There are some of the problems we face in retell. We are here to provide you the best possible solutions and how to tackle the situation easily.

First is the topic is very weird and totally unknown. It can happen to anyone and “n” number of times. Those who don’t read the newspaper and don’t watch the news, there are so many topics which are totally unknown to you. If you couldn’t hear properly. So here are some points to remember in case of emergencies in retell, if you haven’t heard anything properly in that lecture or the topic was way too weird and you couldn’t understand it.

PTE Academic Listening & Speaking ReTell Lecture Emergency Guidelines

For Example,¬†listen to the following audio and Re Tell Lecture –

How To Make PTE Retell Lecture Notes

PTE Academic Listening & Speaking ReTell Lecture Emergency Guidelines

Explanation –

First of all, lecture was related to nutritional guidelines

  • 4 total nutritional guidelines
  • Given by American Cancer Society
  • Increase intake of plant sources
  • Decrease intake of high fat
  • Five a day recommendation program
  • Decrease risk of cancer

Suppose, you have heard only nutritional guidelines and decrease risk of cancer. Don’t just say these two sentences and keep quiet. Don’t say the lecture was related to decrease the risk of cancer. In this way, you can lose marks in fluency as well as in pronunciation.

PTE Retell Lecture Important Questions

So how can you overcome this?

Just try to say, Lecture was related to nutritional guidelines to reduce the risk of cancer. The speaker explained regarding nutrition to prevent cancer. These guidelines provide a guidance to choose nutrition to lower the cancer risk. In conclusion, the lecture was related to the importance of nutrition to prevent cancer.

We know that this upper paragraph doesn’t make any sense. We know this is only one sentence which we have paraphrased and made four sentences. But this was you can easily get one to two marks in content because you have mentioned related to only one or two aspects, but your fluency and pronunciation marks will be more. This way you get 12-13 marks out of 15. But of you have said just one sentence saying ” The lecture was about nutritional guidelines to reduce the risk of cancer”. This way you will get zero marks in content, zero in fluency and zero in pronunciation or may be 1-1 mark each. This is how you will get only 3 marks out of 15. So what we are trying to say, suppose you have heard only two words, make sure you paraphrase them and say 3-4 sentences and don’t forget to give a conclusion.

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So let’s just take another example, from the same paragraph, if you only heard “Decrease risk of cancer”. You couldn’t hear or understand anything out of the paragraph. You only heard – decrease risk of cancer. So in this case, don’t lose fluency and pronunciation marks by just keeping quiet. So what you can say –
“The speaker explained regarding the risk of cancer and how to reduce it. He gave several ideas to reduce the risk of cancer among people. In conclusion, the lecture was about the techniques to lower the cancer risk.”

We know this is not at all related to content and we think, you will get zero marks in the content section but in fluency and pronunciation, you will easily get marks technically getting 10 marks out of 15 is better than getting zero marks out of 15. So what we are trying to say is, if you only heard one or two words. In case of emergency, if you haven’t heard anything, just make sure you say anything. Create anything, paraphrase the sentences and give a conclusion, make sure you don’t stop talking before 35 seconds. This is very important in retell lecture. Most of the students, they keep quiet when they don’t have content. They only worry about the content and they think we haven’t heard anything so we can’t talk anything. Make sure you talk more than 35 seconds and paraphrase the sentences.

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