Reorder Paragraphs PTE Sample Questions with Answers – Practice Test 4

Reorder Paragraphs PTE – In these type of questions, you will have to rearrange the given text to make a meaning full passage. The test taker is required to be familiar with the organization and arrange text in a single correct order. If you are facing problem in solving Reorder paragraphs PTE with answers pdf, read our tips and tricks on PTE Reading Reorder Paragraphs.

reorder paragraphs pte

PTE Reorder Paragraph

PTE Reorder Paragraph Practice Questions

16 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

[A]. Its proponents admit, however, that sociological explanations involve some form of intellection which is universalistic, call it ‘sociological apperception’, ‘empathy’, or ‘sociological imagination’, but simultaneously they also hold that explanation of specific forms of change in the cultural context of a nation requires delineation of conceptual categories applicable only to that particular culture.

[B]. The ideological orientation, however, is not only confined to the formulation of the goals of social change, but also extends to the specific form the sociological categories should have to analyzechange.

[C]. This particularism of some Indian sociologists introduces yet another ideological element in the analysis of change.

[D]. To achieve this goal is a case for the development of a particularistic or typical Indian sociology is made.

[E]. Hence, they claim there should be an Indian sociology distinct from sociology in the West or in other parts of the world.

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B – D – A – E – C 

17 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

[A]. Some people think that in this cooperative endeavour, the intelligent students stand to lose since they cannot make the best of their talents, but this seems to be a vague fear.

[B]. It is only when a child works within a group that his qualities of leadership will manifest themselves.

[C]. His character will only be shaped by coming into contact with others and by working with them.

[D]. An important feature of modern education is that it encourages cooperation rather than competition.

[E]. In fact, personality development can only take place by working in co-operation with others and not in isolation.

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D – A – E – B – C

18 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

[A]. It is best used to create a subtle impression or low level of attention to the piece, yet provide some slight form of differentiation for the finished work.

[B]. The change in the dimensional appearance of the material is the only noticeable difference resulting from the embossing.

[C]. The blind embossing process provides a clean and distinctive or subtle image on paper stock.

[D]. Blind embossing does not include the use of ink or foil to highlight the embossed area.

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D – B – C – A

19 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

[A]. After Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin returned to Earth, the bag containing the lunar sample had somehow been misplaced and forgotten.

[B]. When NASA tested the pouch, they found it definitely contained lunar dust, a fine grey powder resembling graphite.

[C]. It wasn’t included with the hundreds of Apollo 11 artifacts Johnson Space Center sent to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

[D]. In fact, it contained some of the very first moon dust ever collected, by the Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong back in July 1969.

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B – D – A – C

20 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

[A]. It involves three stages of labour: the shortening and opening of the cervix, descent and birth of the baby, and the delivery of the placenta.

[B]. The first stage begins with crampy abdominal or back pains that last around half a minute and occur every ten to thirty minutes.

[C]. The first stage typically lasts twelve to nineteen hours, the second stage twenty minutes to two hours, and the third stage five to thirty minutes.

[D]. A number of methods can help with pain such as relaxation techniques, opioids, and spinal blocks.

[E]. The most common way of childbirth is a vaginal delivery.

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E – A – C – B – D

21 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) These people, know as HIV Controllers, are able to successfully fight the HIV virus in their own bodies, while living normal, health lives.
(2) We’re all familiar with superheroes defeating villains in comic books and movies, but there are real people with superpowers that walk among us everyday.
(3)Because, by studying HIV Controllers, The Immunity Project is attempting to develop a vaccine that will protect non-infected people from the deadly disease.
(4) The HIV Controller power is a very rare one. Only one is 300 people have this ability, but we all might have this power in the near future.

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22 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) The choir members usually arrived early, but on that day, every single one of them was late.
(2) The church exploded at 7:25, but not a single person was killed or injured.
(3) Choir practice at the West Side Baptist Church usually started at 7:20 p.m
(4) On March 1st, 1950, a natural gas explosion in Nebraska completely destroyed a church.

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23 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) Much of these profits were made from drugs for heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.
(2) While pharmaceutical companies do a lot of good for the world, may of their choice are influenced by profits over people.
(3) These are the kind of problems that are life-long problems, which means life-long medication and life-long profits.
(4) For example, in 2012, pharmaceutical companies made 83.9 billion dollars in profit.

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24 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) During this experiment, all the participants were have their brains scanned with an MRI.
(2) Looking at these brain scans, the researchers were able to clearly see different brain patterns for participants who chose the left button and participants who chose the right button.
(3) In a recent research study at the Max Planck Institute, participants were given a choice to press a button with either their left or right hand.
(4) The only rule was they needed to record when they made the choice.

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25 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) We have long known that microbes can help our bodies fight infections, thus, an experiment will be conducted among 45 participants to establish that direct connection.
(2) In fact the number of microbial cells on and in your right now outnumber your human cells 10 to 1. And the biggest concentration of these microbes is in your gut.
(3) Our bodies are crawling inside and out with microbes.
(4) Scientists are starting to think there could be a direct connection between our guts and our minds.

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26 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) Similarly in Japan and China, people are superstitious about the number 4, and buildings sometimes lack a 4th floor. Thus list of these kind of stories goes on and on.
(2) And airlines make much less money than other Fridays, because fewer people are travelling.
(3) Are you superstitious? Most people would say no, but in fact, many of us do make choices in our live that are completely irrational. Now consider following the examples.
(4) Also, some elevators in the USA even skip the 13th floor, moving from the 12th floor to the 14th floor.
(5) In the USA, Friday, the 13th is thought to be so unlucky that 10,000 fewer people fly on this day.

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27 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) Fear of rejection can stop us from going after job of our dreams, for example. Fear of rejection can stop us from meeting the man or woman of our dreams. And fear of rejection can also stop us from using our English.
(2) The worse thing that will happen is they’ll say no, and you’ll gain some experience on how to gracefully handle rejection. Be confident, don’t be shy.
(3) The next time you see someone who you’d like to speak English with in a coffee shop or on the street, challenge yourself to do it.
(4) Fear can be a useful emotion when it helps us escape physically pain and danger, but social fear almost always holds us back from success.

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28 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) He was traumatized by this rejection. He had a sinking feeling in his stomach and was angry and insecure.
(2) Jay Jiang is the founder of a small computer application company called Hooplas. His company is new and he recently had a big setback when he got rejected by an investor.
(3) Jiang wanted to give up on his company, but instead he decided he needed to build his confidence.
(4) If he was going to be successful again, he needed to get comfortable with failure and rejection. He needed rejection therapy.

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29 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) He took the dominant microbes found in sky mice and introduced the into the guts of fearless mice.
(2) The previously sky mice became more active and the previously tearless mice became more quiet and shy.
(3) In both cases, he found that the personality and behaviour of the mice changed.
(4) Stephen Collins, a researcher from McMaster University, used mice to investigate the brain-gut connection.
(5) He also tried this experiment in reverse, by introducing the microbes from the fearless mice into the guts of the sky mice.

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30 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) Half of the people were randomly selected and told that their balls were lucky. These people scored 35% better than those given “normal” balls.
(2) According to new research, irrational superstitions might not be a bad thing. In one psychology experiment, people were tested on their golfing skills.
(3) The researchers believe that using a “lucky” ball, made people feel more confident, which led to better performance.
(4) Of course, both the “lucky” balls and the “normal” balls were exactly the same.

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31 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) Now most drones these days are controlled remotely by a human and make use of advanced computer technology to carry out their designed function, which is either surveillance or combat.
(2) In the 1984 movie, The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, artificially intelligent machines take over the earth in 2029 and attempt to exterminated the human race.
(3) And although robots come in many different shapes and forms, we’ve heard more and more about the type called ‘drone’ in the recent news.
(4) And while that was originally a science fiction fantasy, the fact is that robotics technology has advanced tremendously over the past 30 years since that movie was made.
(5) A drone is basically an unmanned aerial vehicle, that is, it’s a flying robot with no onboard pilot.

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32 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) In his research Chen found that, some languages such as Mandarin and Finnish don’t have a future tense, while other languages, such as French and English, do have a future tense that is clearly different than the present tense.
(2) Chen believes that this example shows, lack of a clear future tense causes people to see less of a separation between the present and the future, and this causes them to make better decisions today that will affect them tomorrow.
(3) Keith Chen is an economist who has researched the relationship between language and future planning.
(4) For instance, an English speaker would say “Today is cold and tomorrow will be cold,” while a Finnish speaker would say, “Today be cold and tomorrow be cold.”

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33 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) Before the creation of money, people traded for what they wanted.
(2) If the cattle farmer didn’t want apples, your couldn’t easily get what you wanted.
(3) Of course, this exchange trade wasn’t efficient always.
(4) Everyone knows that we need money to buy and sell things, but it wasn’t always necessary.
(5) If you had apples, but wanted beef, you found another farmer who had cows and tried to exchange the meat for your fruit.

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34 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) While a few people may have visited an equal number of places, he says that most of them are just tourists, not true travellers.
(2) Mike Spencer has been on the road for 23 years and has visited over 190 countries.
(3) But he considers himself a true traveller for having travelled extensively in all the countries he’s visited, not just staying for a few days like most people would.
(4) Having travelled non stop since he was 21, he is now being called The World’s Most Travelled Man.

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35 – Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question with Answer –

(1) Then there are places like Taiwan that have an independent government and military.
(2) According to the U.N., there are 193 countries, but this doesn’t really give us a complete answer.
(3) For example, both Kosovo and Vatican City are independent countries, but they are not represented at the U.N.
(4) But many countries do not recognize Taiwan as actually being separate from China.
(5) One of the most difficult questions to answer is, “How many countries are there?”

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36 – PTE Reorder Paragraph Question with Answer –

(1) In fact, they even make a living from it. We call them critics.
(2) Everybody enjoys music and art. But can some people experience music more deeply than others? And when we look at great art, are we experiencing it at a more meaningful level than others?
(3) Art critics supposedly know more about art, music critics know more about music, and wine critics, of course, know more about wine.
(4) Their knowledge and experience is supposedly so much deeper than ours that we listen to their opinions, hoping they will guide us to make better choices.
(5) Well, there are actually people who say they experience things more deeply.

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37 – PTE Reorder Paragraph Question with Answer –

(1) Even though people living in Chinese rural areas are exempt from this rule, the Chinese government says that the one child policy has prevented 400 million births in Chinese cities from 1979 to 2011.
(2) Because of a cultural preference towards having boys that can help support parents as they age, some families have chosen to abort female babies in China.
(3) As you might know, China has one child policy. It taxes people severely for having more than one child.
(4) While this policy has lessened some of the social, economic and environmental stresses created by a population well over a billion, it has also caused problems.

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38 – PTE Reorder Paragraph Question with Answer –

(1) Too close and water evaporates; too far away and water freezes.
(2) These planets are said to be in a habitual zone, which means they have the correct temperature to maintain liquid water.
(3) New research says that our Milky Way Galaxy may be home to 2 billion planets that have the right conditions to support life.
(4) While no one knows what alien life would look like, if it is anything like life on earth, it would need water to survive. The possibility of liquid water depends on the planet’s distance from the nearest star.

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39 – PTE Reorder Paragraph Question with Answer –

(1) After two decades, they had altogether 15 sons and daughters and because the subjects of a 1-hour TV documentary about their unusually large family.
(2) Michelle Duggar, the mother of one of America’s most famous large families, says that she leaves that question for God to answer.
(3) Having children is a precious thing. No one would argue with that, but how many children is enough.
(4) And when they had 17 children, they became the stars of a weekly reality TV program.
(5) In 1988, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar had the first of their many children.

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40 – PTE Reorder Paragraph Question with Answer –

(1) That is the Incan empire stretched through much of South America, including parts of modern day Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.
(2) Some people think that money is necessary for a society to grow, but one of the biggest empires of the 15th and 16th century survived without any form of money.
(3) Amazingly, the built this all without any form of money.
(4) At its height, it had a population of 12 million and was incredibly rich in textiles, food and gold. They had complex agriculture and were master builders of cities, pyramids and highways.

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