PTE Fill in the Blanks Reading Section 15 – Text With Multiple Choice Gaps

Fill in the Blanks 15

43. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

labeled, processing, saturated, treat, least, misty, most, called

Perfume’s existence is from Indus civilization (3300 BCE – 1300 BCE). Earlier perfume was made of flower petals distilled in water using low heat and pressure (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ attar. It is a perfume oil which contains exotic woods, spices, and resins. It takes several weeks for the (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ of attar, the steam containing thick fragrance oil which is collected into a container of mild sandalwood oil. The oil is mixed together until sandalwood is completely (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ with the fragrance of flowers. This process is related to making fine wine, and it improves with age. In today’s time, it is the (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ natural perfume which is called attar.

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  1. called 2. processing 3. saturated 4. most 


44. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

agreement, neglect, true, different, right, review, promise, peculiar

credit card a plastic card which is issued to users to enable the cardholder to pay a merchant for good and service (taken by cardholder). The cardholder (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ to the payee to pay the sum of amount plus other charges before or on the due date. The issuer (usually bank) (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ account before granting credit card to its client, the holder has (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ to borrow money for payment to any merchant. Usually, banks also draw limit from borrowing money according to client’s account reputation. A credit card is (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ from a cash card, which can be used like currency.

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  1. promise 2. review 3. right 4. different 


45. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

average, ineptness, group, together, sense, ability, apathy, between

There are certain times when the world seems to operate more like an animated cartoon than a live-action film. Like, for instance, during the first moments of the morning, when squinting eyeballs take in brief spurts of blurry bedroom light (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ extended stretches of shut-eye, tying (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ loose ends from the night’s fading dream. Or how about sex, so much of which takes place in the realm of fantasy rather than reality? Whether fantasizing about a potential sexual encounter or closing your eyes mid-coitus to fully take in the sensation, eroticism transpires in the imagination as much as the body. It makes (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ then that cartoons, with their (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ to draw into being things that could never occur in real life, excel at capturing the fluidity, the alchemy and the sublimity that arise during sex. Animation leaves ample space for shapes to mutate, multiply, tremble, melt and fizz.

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  1. between 2. together 3. sense 4. ability