PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Practice Test 19

There is a paragraph with some missing text. You have to choose the appropriate word from the list of words provided to you to fill the gap in the text. Here is PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Practice Sample Test no. 19.

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Practice Test

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks 19

55. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

who, may, and in, out, with, show, more

Do you feel frustrated or stressed (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ at work? In the latest researches search playing video games may help to reduce so. The latest research (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _  people who play casual video games have greater engagement than normal relaxation condition. The best part of research show, playing video games even restored the individual’s working efficiency, ability to work more, making it a suitable activity for restoring mood in response to stress. On the other way round, people (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ took silent rest break between extra time was reported that they felt less engaged with work. Some people were given guided relaxation activity saw a reduction (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ negative affect and distress under their result.

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  1. out 2. show 3. who 4. in


56. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

some, back, upper, and, slow, grow, new, under

Most challenging and joyful time for women is pregnancy. In the fetal development process, it includes a lot of stages. In fact, every week baby reaches a (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ milestone and women’s body undergoes several essential changes. Once the embryo has implanted in the uterus and started to (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ grow at full pace this marks the start of your motherhood. After few months you might have gained (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ weight, with each passing day bones of your baby get stronger. As the due date keep approaching baby deposits enough fat beneath the skin which further adds to the weight gain process and also helps to keep the temperature (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ control. It birth baby might weigh around 3 to 4 kg.

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  1. new 2. grow 3. some 4. under


57. – Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

possible, certain, beyond, develop, second, start, good, first

Trust can only be developed when a member of the virtual community get together to know each other. These meetups (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ a social relationship for a longer period of time. In virtual communities, people only trust those who they can easily relate to and share their personal, professional conversation, knowledge and interest in (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ common domains. When people total strangers and they have limited information for people to draw upon, trust takes maximum time to be built on someone. It can only be achieved through reciprocal relationship over a period of time. Sometimes people develop trust in the (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ instance of meeting up with others, which is called quick trust. It is fragile and often develop where people have limited information and it is not (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ to get further more information than already acquired.

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  1. develop 2. certain 3. first 4. possible


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