PTE Academic Listening (Summarize Spoken Test – 1) Practice Sample

Summarize Spoken Text – You will hear a short report. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present. For your convenience, we have given sample response. Don’t forget to share your own summary through comments.


PTE Academic Listening (Summarize Spoken Test - 1) Practice Sample

  • 1. – Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words.

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in PTE Academic Test)

A blanket of fresh snow can brighten a winter landscape. But snow is more than just beautiful. It is helpful, too. Snow benefits plants, animals, and people in many ways. Snow helps plants that stay in the ground all winter. It does not kill plants. It acts as a shield. Snow traps air beneath it. This air is warmer than the air above the snow. The warm air surrounds and protects plants. Biting winter winds cannot reach them. Ice storms and bitter cold cannot harm them. Plants stay alive through the worst weather. Read full transcript

Snow helps animals, too. Some animals nest below ground. They spend the whole winter there. A blanket of snow serves to keep the nests warm. Other animals do not nest below ground. They tunnel into the snow itself. They make nests there. Compared with the cold air above, snow nests are cozy. Snow also benefits people. It helps many people earn a living. Some communities are centres for winter sports. Many visitors go there to ski. People who live and work in these communities need snow. Without it, they would have no business.

Snow is useful even when it melts. Melting snow runs into wells. It flows into rivers and streams. These supply water to towns and cities. Farms benefit from melting snow as well. Some areas are dry in summer. They get little rain. Nearly all their water comes from melted snow. The water is stored in dammed-up lakes and ponds. It is used during the growing season to water fields and orchards. Without this water supply, there could be no crops. In this way, the summer harvest depends on winter snow. 


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A blanket of snow brightens a landscape, makes it beautiful, and is more because it helps plants, animals, and people. Plants that stay on the ground do not die. The snow traps air and is a shield, and the air is warmer under the snow. In addition, snow helps animals because it keeps them warm in their snow nests. Plus, animals tunnel in the snow in the protection and warmth of the snow. Lastly, snow helps people, it is there for people who like to ski, gives jobs to those who need to work in it, and makes other sports like hockey and ice skating possible. When the snow melts, it also helps to bring water to towns and tons being stored in dammed-up ponds. So, snow is more than just pretty to look at, it helps people and the environment. 

Don’t forget to share your own summary through comments.


  • dennis

    Snow as being the most beneficial in some living things like plants and animals which will be use as their shield to survive. Snow can be useful for humans for making business like skate boarding that can be played by many people who want to enjoy the snow and also in some areas where water is very little the snow can be their alternative water resources.

  • Meds

    Contrary to what everyone believes the winter snow blanket is helpful to the animals, plants and human life. This snow blanket protects the plants, keep the underground animals warm. The human life is benefited as lot of snow activities, sports are conducted also the melting snow provides water supply during the summer harvest.