PTE Academic Listening Test – 1 (Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers)

Listening: Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers – Listen the audio first to answer multiple choice question. Select the correct responses from all the given options. In these type of questions, you will have to select more than one option. This multiple-choice item assesses listening skills which require test takers to listen to, analyse, understand and choose the multiple correct answers.

PTE Academic Listening Test - 1 (Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers)


1. – Listen to the audio and answer the question.

Question – The passage provides information on each of the following EXCEPT

[A]. Why are young people of Australia worried about?
[B]. Increased automation and artificial intelligence are likely to make a lot of existing jobs redundant.
[C]. Who are Millennials?
[D]. The great Australian dream has transformed from owning your home, to owning someone else’s and banking the capital gains.
[E]. The survey shows is that a large proportion of our young people are walking around nervous about the future.

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B and D

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in PTE Academic Test)

Lack of full-time jobs with increasing competition all over the world has left the youth of Australia feeling bleak about their future. The new Deloitte 2017 Millennial Survey shows that “Today young generation of Australia is feeling aggrieved and frustrated from the government policies and the way the country is being run”. Read full transcript

As per the report, only 8 percent youth believe that they are financially better than their parents. Millennial are an imprecise term which represents those who came after Generation X, born after 1982 but are currently older than 18. There are more shocking results for a country, less than 1 percent Australian youth thinks that they will be more financially secure than their parents. If we compare this with the developed countries, on an average their percentage is about 36 percent. In developing countries, this is about 71 percent. 


2. – Listen to the audio and answer the question.

Question – What had happened as a result of imposing high taxes from North American colonists?

[A]. The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) began.
[B]. The Parliament of England sought to regulate trade in America by passing the Navigation Acts, ensuring that trade only enriched Britain.
[C]. The conflict between Great Britain and her Thirteen Colonies declared independence as the United States of America.
[D]. During the five decades following 1770, Britain, France, Spain and Portugal lost many of their possessions in the Americas.

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A and C 

Britain emerged as the world’s dominant power after the result of 7 years war in 1763. But the powerful country was facing issues to finance the Navy and Army. To maintain its powerful position and control over the world, necessary steps were taken. Read full transcript

The British Parliament attempt to raise the taxes from North American colonists raised fears among the Americans that their rights of self-government were in danger. The number of disputes increases with Parliament over taxation in 1765 which leads to American Revolution. First informal committees of correspondence among the colonies, then to coordinated protest along with the Boston Massacre in 1970 took place. The United Colonies controlled standing army, due to which on 4 July 1776, Independence was declared by the Second Continental Congress. The American War of Independence continued until 1783, when the Treaty of Paris was signed. Britain recognised the sovereignty of the United States over the territory bounded by the British possessions to the North, Florida to the South, and the Mississippi River to the west.