PTE Academic Listening MCQ Test 2 (Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers)

Listening: Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers – Listen the audio first to answer multiple choice question. Select the correct responses from all the given options. In these type of questions, you will have to select more than one option. This multiple-choice item assesses listening skills which require test takers to listen to, analyse, understand and choose the multiple correct answers.

PTE Academic Listening MCQ Test 2 (Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers)



3. – Listen to the audio and answer the question.

Question – Which method of teaching history would the author of this passage support?

[A]. Studying history is not just memorization.
[B]. Studying history helps us to live in today’s world.
[C]. The role of education is to help students deal with real life.
[D]. Students should study both national and international history.
[E]. Applying historical events to modern society.

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A, B and E

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in PTE Academic Test)

The study of history comes out with huge benefits. First, we learn from the past. We may repeat mistakes, but, at least, we have the opportunity to avoid them. Second, history teaches us what questions to ask about the present and will also prepare us for the future. Contrary to some people’s view, the study of history is not only the memorization of names, dates, and places of reputed persons, events and places respectively. Read full transcript

Historical facts are the thoughtful examination of the forces that have shaped the courses of human life in many ways. We can compare the past situation and then come out to any conclusion about the current events. History teaches us about likely outcomes. Another benefit of the study of history is the broad range of human experience which is covered. This will expand the level of thinking. War and peace are certainly covered topics in the national and international affairs. However, matters of culture (art, literature, and music) are also included in the historical study. Human nature is an important part of history: emotions like passion, greed, and insecurity have influenced the shaping of world affairs. Those who think that the study of history is boring has not really studied history.


4. – Listen to the audio and answer the question.

Question – Which of the following is true with respect to upper passage.

[A]. Search for aliens receives a boost with the new high-tech receiver at the Dish.
[B]. Intelligent aliens will construct a spaceship, travel across the gulf between the stars, find Earth, land here, and D-day us.
[C]. The Parkes CSIRO Telescope is a very powerful telescope from which we can do a very fast survey of the galactic plane.
[D]. Researchers of this project will continue to upgrade the technology in line with new innovations in astronomy.
[E]. It’s possible that the atoms of the Earth spontaneously reorganise themselves and create a black hole.

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A, C, and D

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in PTE Academic Test)

Australia is playing an important role in the biggest ever research project for alien life. This is powered with a new high powered receiver to ramp up observations. This is only one facility named “The Parkes CSIRO Telescope” in the southern hemisphere taking part in the Breakthrough Listen Initiative. Read full transcript

The cost of this whole project is estimated to around $100 Million which is among world’s largest scientific research endeavour to find evidence of civilisation beyond our planet Earth. The dish is covered in many films and novels but now is playing a crucial role in the research for other intelligent life. This Dish was using single-pixel receiver technique till now, but now to boost this research, researchers install a new device in it which include a 13-pixel receiver. The new equipment will help to give the Dish an unprecedented capacity to survey the galactic plane, which is where the majority of the Milky Way’s disk-shaped mass lies. Researchers are taking advantage of the latest technology to help solve one of the life’s biggest mysteries.

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