PTE Academic Listening Fill In The Blanks Practice Sample 8

PTE FILL IN THE BLANKS – Listen to recording carefully to fill the missing space in the passage. These type of questions tests listening and writing skills.


22 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

The divisional head of an organisation attended Management by the Objective seminar. He was inspired and   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to introduce the concept in next staff meeting. Theoretically, things were implemented but it was not as easy as it was thought. At the next staff   _ _ _ _ _ _ _, a lot of questions were raised. “Do assignment of divisional   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ by the chairman is done for the next year?” the finance want to know. “No, I do not”, the divisional head replied. I was waiting for the approval of top management to tell me what they   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to do next in this matter.

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thought, meeting, goals, want 


23 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

So, there you have it. A home of real character, appealing to a wide variety of holiday-makers. If you are looking for a quiet retreat this is the place to come.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for a base for a more outgoing and adventurous holiday? That we can do too. And any  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ amongst you will be within a few miles of a great many fine eateries as well as Sharpham vineyard and more. Thanks to the fact that the business has been run  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for 5 or more years now then you can be the beneficiary of all those years’ promotion and word of mouth reference. And  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ are already made for the coming year.

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Looking, gourmands, successfully, bookings 


24 – Listen the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

Mr. Hanning has been working with the Home Builders Pvt. Ltd for the last eight years. Company deals in the apartment building and rent property. Recently they are working in two states but now they have opened a new office in a different location. Innately they will start with   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ apartments. Managing director of company  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to elected one senior manager out of Mr. Hanning and Mrs. Susain. Both of them are working with the same organisation for last 8 years. They have contributed to the company and   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ top sales chart. Now outlet will include more difficulties as no one about the brand. Mr. Hanning was on the top list of sale for last one year and Mrs. Susain was suffering from some family issues which lead to negative approach for the   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to take her name for the new project.

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renting, directed, achieve, member