Foreign Language PTE Essay | Importance of Learning Foreign Languages

Foreign Language PTE Essay – Foreign languages should be compulsory in primary school. How far do you agree with the above statement? Write an essay and express your opinion.

Foreign Language PTE Essay

Foreign Language PTE Essay

Learning Foreign Language PTE Essay

Foreign Language PTE Essay Sample

In today’s competitive world, language plays an important role in studies and jobs. Professionals encourage their children to start learning the foreign language at primary school and claim that it will be too late to learn it in secondary school. On the other hand, there are some people, who believe that there should be only local language with a complete ban on foreign languages. In this essay, we will examine both the benefits and drawbacks of foreign languages.

Picking foreign language enables children to develop a better foundation in a foreign language. Children learn fast at a young age and the latest research indicates that children can master different languages as many as five. For instance, six years old kids in China learn three different languages such as English, French, and German along with local languages. Students can understand the expression, lifestyle, and culture of a different country and is helpful for enhancing their perspectives. With this, better opportunities will arise in front of children for the future. So primary school should offer the class of foreign language studying for children.

However, there is another side of a coin always. To begin with, learning a new language requires more time to master it but it increases the burden on children in a stress-free environment. Addition of new language in primary school adds more burden of homework. In fact, more time should be allocated by the children in-spite of basic subjects like Mathematics or Science. Suppose, if one day they become a scientist or a doctor, then they may contribute endlessly to our nation. So students first learn the fundamentals of exact science, otherwise, a student does not know his native language perfectly.

To summarise, we can come to the conclusion that the advantages of learning a foreign language at an early age outweigh the disadvantages. Learning a foreign language is good for children but should not sideline the native language.