Exploring the Importance and Purpose of School PTE Essay

Purpose of School PTE Essay – People hold different views about the purpose of schools.  Some argue that schools should provide students with more interesting courses or activities yet opponents believe otherwise. Write an essay in around 200 – 300 words. Here is Purpose of School PTE Essay.

Purpose of School PTE Essay

Purpose of School PTE Essay

Importance and Purpose of School PTE Essay

From my point of view, schools should keep educating as their main aim while offering some extracurricular activities for their students. This essay will discuss both views, using examples from China to demonstrate points and common practices of prestigious universities in the US to support arguments.

On the one hand, it is beneficial for schools to implement courses with an entertaining element, such as offering drama lessons, forming a marching band and establishing OM groups, which enables students to produce various robots. Attending these courses not only provides students with amusement but also widen their horizons. Studies by the Institute of Education at Peking University in China show that participating interest groups in schools enables students to train their right brains and therefore boost their creativity for future development. In this way, schools are encouraged to set certain courses with a dynamic and creative in their curriculum.

On the other hand, traditional courses constitute an indispensable and imperative part of school lives. Learning these courses in schools usually, equip students with a solid academic foundation to further pursue higher education and even prompt them to obtain gain achievement in the designated field. For example, the world’s famous universities, such as Harvard and MIT, are renowned for their academic abilities in research and application fields. Thanks to the knowledge imparted from these universities, when graduated, their graduates made certain breakthroughs in selected fields and some of them even achieved Nobel Prizes in their later careers. Therefore, schools should put more emphasis on imparting knowledge to their students.

To conclude, schools, colleges and universities should mainly focus on educating their students to equip them with better abilities in the designated fields, while interest sources should not be neglected for students to fulfil their potentials.


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