PTE Essay Skin Whitening – Discuss Cause & Effects on Health & Society

In many parts of the world today there is a profitable market for products which lighten or whiten people’s skin. Outline the reasons for using such products and discuss what effects they have in terms of health and society.

PTE Essay Skin Whitening - Discuss Cause & Effects on Health & Society


PTE Essay Skin Whitening – Discuss Cause & Effects on Health & Society

India is a country which is full of diversity. People of different religions, castes, colours can be found in India. Indian women are placed among the most beautiful women in the world. Even the foreigners feel that Indian women are beautiful. Oh, wait! But how is beauty defined in India? Who is called beautiful according to the Indian beauty standards? In India, if you have a fair complexion, you are beautiful, and if you are brown or dark coloured, you are not beautiful. Not only in India, but many other countries too, beauty is equivalent to fairness. Indians are obsessed with fairness, with ‘white chicks’. You ‘ll find endless beauty products in the markets claiming to whiten your skin in & days, a fortnight or a month or whatever time period they specify.  These products have managed to make way into every young girl’s and boy’s beauty kit. These companies are making crores, thanks to Indian’s mindset and beauty standards. And about the commercials, you’ll be shocked and would laugh your heart out if you watch those advertisements.

One of the most commonly used fairness cream in India is’ fair and lovely’ which claims to give you flawless, glowing white skin within a week.  Not only that, if you watch the ad, you’ll see that as the girl starts using this cream, she starts getting success. She gets a job, buys a house and gets married, just because she started using ‘fair and lovely’. So no need to study and work hard. Just start using ‘fair and lovely’ and success will eventually be yours, that’s their logic.

People with dark complexion are mocked, bullied, made fun of and face discrimination. A brown girl is looked down upon and faces a lot of trouble while finding a life partner. No matter how talented you are, how intelligent you are, no matter how sharp your features are, if your complexion is not fair, you are not beautiful.

When families are trying to find a suitable groom for their daughters, relatives are there to give free advice. ‘ Use fuller’s earth girl. your complexion might improve, use chick pea flour, use this, use that, blah blah blah’. ‘Yeah, she’s a very nice girl but she’s dusky, finding a groom for her would be hard’. Oh please, shut up people!!!!

Do you know how harmful those chemicals are which are found in these beauty products?  The parabens, which can be found in every fairness cream, were found to be cancer causing. Not only that, these beauty products cause hormonal imbalances, resulting in excessive hair growth, problems in menstrual cycles and many other problems.

Why? Why do we have to obsess over the white skin so much? Why can’t we love ourselves just the way we are? What’s so bad about being coloured?  What’s so wrong with a girl if she ‘s not fair? Mind you, they are dusky beauties’, beautiful in their own way.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You don’t have to be fair skinned to be beautiful. India is a country where fairness is used as a parameter to measure your beauty. Come on people. Get over it!!  Stop judging others on the basis of their skin tone and start accepting them as they are. Stop being idiots.