Books Vs Technology – Should Libraries Invest In Technology Or Books?

Libraries should focus on improving their technological resources rather than in building a larger collection of paper books. To what extent do you agree?

PTE Smart Essay - Should Libraries Invest In Technology Or Books

PTE Smart Essay – Should Libraries Invest In Technology Or Books

Technology or Books, which is better, on which libraries should focus? Some people think libraries should focus on improving technologies while on the other hand, some people think exactly the opposite of this. They think there should be more books in the library. But in my opinion combination of both will be good. Though libraries should focus on improving technology like there should be e-books in the libraries, also there are many advantages of technology. The information can be stored in lesser space, also you can download e-books from the internet for free. Along with this, it is difficult to manage books which occupy a lot of space, it takes time to search a book in library and you search it easily in a computer if you have e-books.

But as I earlier said, the combination of both books and technology will be the best because everything has some advantages and disadvantages too, so does the technology has. For instance not every book is available in digital format. Paper Books are more reliable because e-books can be deleted accidentally or malfunction. Also, it is more costly to maintain and improve technology. Books help people focus more than reading online. Because while reading online you might open other websites or social websites which may lose your concentration.

So the conclusion is both books and technology has their own importance. As many books are still available in paper form only on the other hand in today’s world we can’t ignore the technology part also as technology is a big part of our society and we are relying on it.