PTE Essay On Does Television Removes Our Loneliness Or Not

PTE Essay On Does Television Removes Our Loneliness Or Not

PTE Essay On Does Television Removes Our Loneliness Or Not

People of all ages face loneliness from time to time which is a very major problem all over the world. To overcome loneliness, people engage themselves in various activities. Television is considered to be a very wonderful invention in the world of entertainment. Television is present in almost every person’s house. Even lower class families invest in TV set as soon as they can afford it. This tool has been very popular today, entertaining the public and introducing them to the world.

There are a variety of ways through which Television attracts everybody which varies from watching movies and shows to news and educational programs. This is the most easily available source of entertainment for all. Television binge-watching involves viewing multiple episodes of the same TV series in one sitting. Television is a source of entertainment and sometimes, frequent indulgence in this activity is associated with feelings of loneliness and depression which may be a sign of poor self-control also.

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It is good to learn something from watching Television. Channels like History Channel, Discovery Channel and Science Channel improve knowledge in spite of watching unnecessary channels. The researcher hopes that their study can be “a step toward exploring binge-watching as an important media and social phenomenon.”

In a nutshell, Television removes our loneliness and also is a reason for loneliness, but one should either refrain from indiscriminate viewing or set time limits for watching television so that majority time of their lives is not being invested in only the television.

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