Having A Child Later In Life Pros And Cons

Many men and women are making the decision to have children later in life. Why is this trend occurring? What are the impacts of this development on both family and society?

Having A Child Later In Life Pros And Cons

Having A Child Later In Life Pros And Cons

More and more women are preferring to have kids later and later. Pregnancy in 30’s than 20’s has its advantages . Especially if the woman prepares her body for pregnancy with healthy food and exercise, which makes a big difference. In a survey, it was found that children born to older parents are more educated, taller, healthier and performed better on standardized tests. On average women who have their first child in their 30 s have a longer life expectancy than those who have their first child by their 20’s.

Women are generally busy making their careers and finishing education in their 20’s. There is an overall improvement in the society over the years with better access to healthcare and education. Yes, it is harder for women to get pregnant as they age, but if they do get pregnant, their child is ahead of the pack.

Many argue that young men and women should stop putting their careers first ahead of having a family. Stop right there! Many people want to start a family but the circumstances might not be in their favor. It is not necessary that the women would find a partner during their fertile years. The chances of memory are decreased in women who have their child in early 30 s. Older parents are less stressed about income and job security and hence spend more quality time with their children and are more emotionally connected.

In today’s world both the parents work to make both the ends meet. During their 20’s, young people are either finishing their schooling or busy making a career, settling down, fulfilling their dreams. So, they don’t have the time or the money or bear the expenses of child bearing. Moreover, nowadays you don’t just get hitched with the first person you meet. People have flings, hookups and the idea of finding a partner and starting a family strikes their mind only when they are 30 or older. Even if they don’t find someone, they know they can become a single parent anytime (IVF, frozen eggs, etc).

The advantages of having children later outweigh its disadvantages. Make your decision wisely so you don’t have to regret later on.

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