Essay on Cow

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Essay on Cow

Essay on Cow 300 Words

Cows are regarded as the sacred animals in Hinduism and are worshipped like a Goddess. From ages, people honour cow as a mother and refer to it as “Gau Mata”. Cows are domestic animals and people have specially made stables for cows in their homes to reap various benefits from them. Being herbivorous animals, cows are considered sacred and pure by the Hindu religion.

Cows are much beneficial to mankind such as they provide us milk which is a very essential item used in Indian homes. Thus cows help us to stay strong and healthy. Cow milk has numerous benefits as it consists of calcium, protein and amino acids required by our body. Other than this, cow milk also produces a lot of other dairy products like cheese, butter, curd etc.

The cow dung is also considered as a rich fertilizer and used by many farmers and gardeners. Cow dung also produces fuel and biogas and is used as an insect repellent. In addition to this, cow leather is also used for making belts, shoes, soles etc.

Thus, cows have numerous benefits and carry a lot of significance in the Hindu religion. However, in countries like India, many cows roam on the roads as there is no one to take care of them. They meet with accidents every day and also suffer from diseases. So, it’s important that people and government should take some steps to protect such animals and provide them with a safe place to live in.

Nowadays, the government is also making efforts to safeguard cows by making shelter homes in all the cities for them. People are also showing up to protect such sacred animals. If anyone seems to be mistreating cows, strict actions are taken against them. So, it’s our combined efforts that can make a change and protect cows from injustice.

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