PTE Repeated Read Aloud Question And Answers

PTE Repeated Read Aloud – Read Aloud is a long-answer speaking item type. It tests your ability to read a short text aloud using correct pronunciation and intonation. It assesses both speaking and reading skills.

PTE Repeated Read Aloud


  • 40 – Read the text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

Before the time of Alexander the Great, the only eastern people who could be compared with the Greeks in the fields of science and philosophy were from the Indian sub-continent. However, because so little is known about Indian chronology, it is difficult to tell how much of their science was original and how much was the result of Greek influence.


  • 41 – Read the text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

While far fewer people these days write a letter and therefore have less use for stamps, there are still a few categories of the stamp which attract collectors. Stamps in common use for an indefinite period – until the price goes up – are called “definitive” issues, while a more collectible type of stamp is the “commemorative” issue, honoring people, events and anniversaries.


  • 42 – Read the text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

Preseasons is when you have to push it a little bit to get into shape, we are trying to adapt to be in the best shape possible. Renowned footballer invites us. He tells I am going to show you what I take with me when I travel. I have this book, which is called All The Missing Girls. It’s in English, which helps me learn the language. This is my tablet and I’m a TV series buff. And I take the advantage of my time in the room to watch TV shows and movies.


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