PTE Short Answer Type Questions | Repeated 2017 – 2018 Updated List

Give a simple short answer which will be in one or few words. In Exam, you will listen to audio and speak the answer. Here are repeated PTE short answer type questions.

PTE Short Answer Type Questions

  • What instrument used to examine very small thing – Microscope
  • What is the destructive program that spread from computer to computer? – A Virus
  • What term used for animals that give birth to? – Mammals
  • The piece of paper that you bought an item? – A Receipt
  • What did you call the document that tells your qualification and work experience? – CV, Curriculum, Vitae, Resume
  • How would you describe economy largely based on farming? – Agricultural, Rural
  • What word describes moving a website from internet to your computer? – Downloading
  • What is called a picture doctor take to see inside the body? – An X-Ray
  • If someone feeling ill they will say “they are feeling under the __________ what? – Weather
  • Who is the person-in-charge of a football match? – The Referee
  • What point of the compass is directly opposite East? – West
  • Where does u pay for your purchases at the supermarket? – Counter
  • What features do pianos and computers have in common? – A Keyboard
  • If you are feeling ‘fed up’ it is positive or negative feeling? – negative
  • Would you measure the volume of water in liters or kilos? – Liters
  • Paying at the counter after shopping? – Check Out
  • Where would you most likely go to buy some flowers (a bakery, a florist or a supermarket) – A Super Market
  • Where would you go to see an exhibition of sculptures? – Art Gallery / Museum
  • Most important document while driving – Driving License
  • Where we store meat? – Freezer
  • Are whales found in oceans or mountains? – Oceans

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