Roles of Government in Climate Change PTE Essay

What Role Should Governments Play To Combat Climate Change? or Roles of Government in Climate Change PTE Essay.

Climate Change PTE Essay

Climate Change PTE Essay

Climate change is becoming one of the major topics of discussion today. But the irony of fate is everyone is just discussing. No one is taking lead to do anything. In today’s world, we are becoming slaves to our needs and trying every way out to fulfill our needs. Due to which we are playing with nature and damaging it in all the ways. Today we can easily see the cutting of trees and forests easily in order to develop concrete jungles. One’s biggest achievement today is one big air-conditioned house, one big car and a lot of money. But no one is ready to understand that how much these wishes will cost them in future.

In fact, I must say that our Govt. is also not giving proper attention in this zone. However, now I think that only Govt. can play an imp role in this direction as individuals are not taking the ownership. Govt. should focus on this now.

Govt. should start working on the root cause of this major issue like pollution. We all know that increasing pollution is leading to climate change. Increasing industrialization, increasing vehicles, increasing air conditioners, cutting down of forests and others factors are leading to a big damage to our climate. These should be taken into immediate considerations and should be worked upon not just discussed. Govt. shouldn’t avoid this and should take immediate ownership to combat this climate change by banning unnecessary vehicles, limiting and shifting industries out of the cities. Limiting number of air conditioner uses. These small bits can lead to big changes.

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