Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education first?

Developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or education

Developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or education

In our world, we have developed countries which have all the facilities and requirements for a better lifestyle, higher education. And then we have some developing countries which do not have the proper education system and industrial skills. Now, the question is, should developing countries focus on education or the industrial skills more?

Education does the work of laying a foundation stone to acquire industrial skills. In designing the curriculum, training methodologies, setting up facilities for trainers in training the trainees, a key role is played by the industries. Need basing and industry demand driven education needs to be promoted.

Which practices should be adopted by the govt. to increase the national growth? If our country dedicates skill development councils which do periodical market surveys to find out the market demand for specific skills, people will graduate with skills which are in demand in the job market.

The issue of mobilization and retention of students to a particular course is resolved by the industry. The focus of the government should be in both education and industrial skills.
For development, we need industrial skills which can be acquired from skill based education.

With the better education in the home countries, students don’t have to leave their own countries for higher studies. And if the government focuses on improving the industrial skills, people won’t have to look anywhere for work as they can get employment in their home countries.

Economic growth can be increased with the help of industrial skills and education too.
However, industrial skills might have an edge over education because you can get trained and master a skill. But education remains a basic necessity which should be provided to all.