The purpose of “PTE Describe Image” section is to assess your speaking skills. The test is not designed to speak about all the details, you just need to explain key information from the image. Scroll down for – PTE Describe Image Section.

  • PTE Describe Image part contains Bar Graph, Life Cycle, Line Graph, Maps, Pie Chart, Process, Structure and Table Diagrams.

PTE Describe Image Academic Speaking Practice 

  • You have 25 seconds to study the image and prepare your response. After hearing a short tone, start speaking immediately in PTE Academic Exam. Give your answer in 40 seconds and Speak clearly. Try to finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. You are only able to record your response once, so be careful.

Task – An image appears on the screen. Describe the image in detail.

Skill assessed – Speaking

Prompt length – N/A

Time to prepare – 25 seconds

Time to answer – 40 seconds

You are not expected to explain the whole image in 40 seconds. Just explain the key points.

PTE Academic Speaking Practice Test: Describe Image – Bar Graph

Describe Image (Bar Graph) – Look at the graph and speak into the microphone to explain, what the graph is showing. You have only 40 seconds to describe the image. These type of questions assesses speaking skills. PTE Academic Speaking Practice Test: Describe Image – Bar Graph PTE PRACTICE – DESCRIBE IMAGE (BAR GRAPH) Describe the given below bar graph #1 The bar chart shows the caloric intake of UK males in three different life periods or age groups of 0-­24, […]

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